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What is your production time?

Our estimated production time is currently at 2-4 weeks.. This does not include shipping time. We get products out as fast as we can, but unfortunately life gets a bit crazy sometimes. If it has been more than 4 weeks and you have not heard form us, feel free to send us an email and we will update you on timeline.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes. International rates tend to be more expensive. Shipping rates will be visible once you've put your address in at checkout.



Every collar style has a different sizing system. Buckle collars will have a series of holes in a three inch range. Our standard buckle sizes are as follows:

Small (12-15")

Medium (15-18")

Large (18-21")

Extra Large (21-24").

If your dog is on the edge of one of these, we offer custom ranges (16-19" is a popular one for example). Slip (both full and limited) collars take into account the head and neck measurements of your dog (see photo). Based off of the measurements you submit and your fit preference, the collar will be made accordingly. Fit preferences are as follows:

A snug collar allows for .5 inches in clearance beyond the largest measurement you submit.

fitted collar allows for 1 inch in clearance beyond the largest measurement you submit.

loose collar allows for 2 inches in clearance beyond the largest measurement you submit.

This means that if your dog has a 15 inch neck and a 17 inch head, a snug collar will have a 17.5 inch total length, a fitted collar will have a 18 inch total length, and a loose collar will have a 19 inch total length.

If you have any sizing questions, please reach out to us before or immediately after placing your order. Once we have made the collar there is nothing we can do to alter the size. We do not accept returns or exchanges (for more info see Returns & Exchanges section).


Care & Cleaning

We all know that one dog who just loves to roll in the muddiest puddle they can find, and while we may not all have one of those, all dogs get a bit dirty at times. That is why our collars are a great option! They are super easy to clean with a bit of soap and warm water. Dish soap works wonders on Biothane. If rubbing the soap in with your hand does not remove the spot, use a soft rag or even the soft side of a dish sponge.

While our collars are waterproof, they still have metal parts which may rust if kept damp and dirty. For optimal longevity, rinse collars in clean water after exposure to dirty mud or water (especially salt water) and dry with a clean towel.


Returns & Exchange 

We do not accept returns or exchanges. All of our products are hand made in custom colors and sizes to fit your pet. Please double check your measurements before ordering. We can, however, offer a one time discount code so you are able to get a product that better suits your needs.